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I need to redirect all /eula traffic to /tos

RewriteRule ^/eula/$ /tos [R=301,NC]

but this rule doesnt seem to work -- mostly because the basepath is being treated as the root when really theres another parent directory; what's happening with the above rule is >

/my/docs/eula -> /tos

which is not right, it should be doing this >

/my/docs/eula -> /my/docs/tos

How do I write the rule for this, without having to specify what the parent dir is?

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RewriteRule ^(.*)/eula$ $1/tos [R=301,NC]

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i did just that! =/ and it didnt work which is why this is driving me crazy. What about /eula/ its a directory... dunno it looks like it's adding the back slash, so maybe the rule isnt being processed in the right order – qodeninja Dec 29 '10 at 20:28

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