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In the past I've setup BES (not express) for a company that just wanted their users on the corporate network, they didn't care for email or any other enterprise feature, they just wanted to push a policy that the phones internet should be routed through the corporate network.

I want to setup BES Express now for a customer that also just wants the phones on his network but wherever I look, it says that BES Express requires Exchange. Is there a way to install BES Express without Exchange and without a AD Domain?

Basically what the customer wants to accomplish is to be able to filter and log the internet access on the phones.

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I guess if all else fails, I can setup a Domain with Exchange just to install BES without connecting any phones to mailboxes. Can someone confirm this? – John Spaz Dec 30 '10 at 15:37
Can I ask what the point of buying Blackberries is then? They're painful at best for Web surfing... – gravyface May 1 '11 at 17:20

You can run BESX for Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino, but both require a Windows AD domain.

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BES requires Exchange, Domino, or GroupWise (!). RIM has a separate product called "BES for MDS Applications" that looks like it might do what you want if you're developing your own apps. It doesn't appear that the MDS product has all the management functionality of BES.

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BES (and BES Express) is fully supported with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Zimbra Exchange connector.

We use this setup in production at my work as well as a number of our customers. Works quite well.

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Lotus Domino does not require Active Directory. You can set up a standalone Domino server and then use a Blackberry Enterprise server along side. As long as there is TCP connectivity, the servers can be wherever you like.

So much easier than being tied into everything. (Damn you MS!! )

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