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The title says it all. How can I achieve that? Thanks

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It doesn't really. I assume you are talking about mail. Fail-overs for mail sending is normally done with dns mx records.By the sounds of it you want to first attempt a connection to a remote smtp server and in the event it is not contactable opt to send either using some built-in smtp service or contact the first available mail server on the rcpt's domain. If I wanted to do this I would do it programmatically, in which case you may want to ask stackoverflow. That being said I don't use either exim4 or smarthost, so I opted to post this as a comment. –  Ablue Dec 31 '10 at 4:09
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The way I'd do this would be to write a script that detected whether or not the smarthost was up or down, and returned 0 or 1 accordingly. Then you could configure your router with the following:

condition = ${run{/my/magic/script.sh}{1}{0}} 

If the smarthost is up If the smarthost is down, the router condition will fail, and Exim will jump down to the next router until it finds the direct SMTP router.

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nice idea! Thanks for sharing. I also would have written a scrpit but toggle exims config instead and do a reload. –  ThorstenS Dec 30 '11 at 14:44
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