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I have front end rails app, that reverse proxies to any of a number of backend rails apps depending on URL, for example reverse proxies to

such that a URL like will display the contents of

I have a large, and ever expanding number of backends, so they can not be explicitly listed anywhere other than a database. This is no problem for mod_rewrite using a prg:/ rewrite map reverse proxy.

The question is, the urls returned by rails helpers have the form /controller/action making them absolute to the root. This is a problem for the page served by mod_rewrite because links on the proxied page appear as absolute to the domain. i.e.: has links that end up looking like /controller/action/ when they need to look like /app_one/controller/action

mod_proxy_html seems like the right idea, but it doesn't seem to be as dynamic as I would need, since the rules need to be hard coded into the config files.

Is there a way to fix this server-side, so that the links will be routed correctly?

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You can try using ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse.

ProxyPass /app_one
ProxyPassReverse /app_one

Though you are better off running your ruby apps under their named directories and reverse proxying directly back instead of doing a rewrite to change the uri.

You can look at unicorn, passenger or thin to run the ruby apps under to give more flexibility with how they are run.

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