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I use xampp on windows 7 64, to test locally my php web application

I use virtual hosts to have access to my code from different domain names.

Now, I created a new version of the code and want to access both versions using different domain names.

I added a new virtual host newversion.mysite.local to httpd-vhosts.conf and directed it to the directory of the new version. Also updated the windows hosts file with the line newversion.mysite.local

A strange thing happens: when browsing to newversion.mysite.local I'm being taken to the old version, which is located at a different location.

How the hell this happens? Please help me with ideas

Thank you


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Just a wild guess but Apache answers using the first vhost entry it finds. I'd double check that you vhost entries actually use the different hostnames.

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As pst said, I bet it's serving the first virtual host configuration. Did you test your configuration with apachectl -S ? This will output what virtual hosts are being loaded. My money's on a misconfigured NameVirtualHost.

Verify you have


in your httpd.conf before the virtual host configurations.

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