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How can someone who joins an existing Microsoft Communicator chat see the history of what has gone before?

For example:

Larry: [describes problem]
Moe: [enhances problem]
Curly: We should ask Shemp

[Shemp joins]
Shemp: What's going on in this thread?

Is there any way for Shemp to see what Larry and Moe have already typed?

I have tried copy-pasting the whole thing, but that invokes an error with no error message - possibly "too much text."


Is this functionality what Microsoft calls Group Chat, and requires a separate product?

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I do not believe it is possible to do this.

Group chat would solve this problem, but the users would have to join a chat channel, they could not just start a conversation. Also keep in mind Group chat may require additional infrastructure, it also requires a separate group chat client and administration can be a burden.

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