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We have a Intranet Farm with two load balanced front end servers and a separate database, Report server is installed on box 1, so enysys data extenstions can access the sharepoint DOM.

IIS-BOX 1 + Report Server


SQL Server

The problem is RS fails if the user is accessing box 2, through the load balancer. If we remove Box 2 from the LB - then RS works. Put it back and it intermittently fails.

Anybody got any idea if this topology should work and how to resolve the problem?

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I working this problem through - we think it is caused by RS integrated mode not working with NTLM authorization. Box 2 cannot connect to the RS on behalf of the user. Switching to Negotiate and ensuring Kerberos Authorization can take place should solve this. – Adrian Jun 15 '09 at 8:46
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We needed to configure the iis server to use Kerberos Authentication

see this question for more details

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On Box 2 are you trying to access reports that are local or load them remotely from box 1? If you are accessing them remotely from Box 1 how are you referencing it?

Also does Reporting Services work on Box 1 when accessed from the load balancer?

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