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I am looking to see if anything exists that would allow us to capture all outgoing email on a machine -- for example, in a staging environment -- and drop it in a single place, which ideally would be something we could check with a mail client.

Currently we're doing this on the software level (if environment is staging, rewrite address) which is a bit ugly and leads to errors.

The servers are currently on Debian Linux, using exim as the mail transport.

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If you want to copy it, add an additional transport which writes the data where you want it. You have a choice of formats: mbox, Maildir, BSMTP, and other. Add this as a shadow transport to the appropriate transports. You may want to use a router to select a custom transport with the shadow transport defined.

If you just want to capture the mail use a router to select an new or existing transport to save the output as above.

Adding routers and transports may be easier to implement using a split configuration. This will be stable over upgrades.

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I realize you are using exim, but you may want to consider a switch to postfix for this. Postfix has an always_bcc configuration setting that makes this super simple. Details in the postfix faq.

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