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When a user uploads /tmp/stream* files are created during the upload.

How do I can I change the temporary upload directory from:





  • nginx 0.8.53
  • Phusion Passenger 2.2.15 (mod_rails/mod_rack)
  • Debian Lenny
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You might want to look at the Nginx upload module. It lets you ask Nginx to write the file to a folder and then pass a pointer to its location to your backend. Temporary upload path can be set using $upload_tmp_path variable. Read more at

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If possible at all, you should definitely use Reza's answer and use the 'upload' module.

However, if you use nginx as a reverse proxy with a backend on a different machine, that module won't necessarily do much for you. To choose where your temporary request bodies (including uploaded files) go, use the client_body_temp_path config option.

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