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No matter what I do, my task exits with "Last Run Result" 0x80042000. It claims to pass successfully, but it's not doing anything -- the process appears for an instant and then disappears. If I do Start/Run and type in the exact same command, then that works fine. I've setup the same task in Server2003 and it works fine there. I'm logged in as Administrator, so I don't think UAC is the problem.

I've searched for this code 0x80042000 and it's nowhere to be found. Anyone know what is means?

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What kind of task is your job? If it's a script, what kind of script? – splattne Jun 8 '09 at 9:39
Do you have the scheduled task set to run as Administrator, or as some particular user? – Laura Thomas Jun 15 '09 at 19:36
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Okay, here's what happened:

I was confused by the "Last Run Result", thinking that this was a Server 2008/Task Scheduler return code. Actually, it's the return code from the application that was run. So the Task "History" says "successfully finished", but the "Last Run Result" = 0x80042000.

So, once I figured that out, the answer was easy -- this is an InstallShield app and 0x80042000 is the return code for when the app encounters an InstallScript "abort" command.

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Check this out for the error codes:

I would guess that you're running into an environment issue that you don't have when run as yourself. Can you post the command you're trying to run? There might be a run silently switch.

Let me know!

Cheers, -Mathew

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