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I'm not able to install mysql-server on ubuntu 10.04 I had installed mysql but it was giving this error

ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

So I removed mysql-server completely from synaptic
but after this i'm not able to reinstall it. When I try to reinstall it synaptic freezes.

how to do remove each file of mysql and install it ?

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apt-get purge mysql-server, should remove everything, config files included. – Ency Jan 2 '11 at 21:47

I usually prefer to use the command line interface. So, I use apt-get to remove/install packages.

You can try removing mysql server including configuration files

$ sudo apt-get --force-yes purge mysql-server

You can then try installing it

$ sudo apt-get install mysql-server
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I tried to install from apt-get but the installation process stops at "Setting up mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.41-3ubuntu12.8) ..." – Mukesh Yadav Jan 2 '11 at 18:10
Do you mean it just hanged? Is there any error message? – Khaled Jan 2 '11 at 20:20
no error message I put terminal for 30 min, and then killed the session. – Mukesh Yadav Jan 3 '11 at 12:37

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