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I have a small vserver(ubuntu), on which i want to run mailman and therefore have to configure postfix.

I already configured postfix to send mail per relay over gmail (server->ext.). I also receive local emails (server->server), but i dont get emails from ext. (ext. -> server).

I have a domain routed to the vserver. But when i send an email from external (e.g. from gmail) to i don't get it into the inbox. But there is also no error return message i get to my gmail account.

What could be a possible problem? Do i have to configure email revieving from external somewhere?

Thanks for any help.

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What happens when you telnet to port 25 on your machine and manually enter a basic SMTP conversation? – Paul Tomblin Jan 3 '11 at 15:04
When i manually use port 25 on localmachine it works and i receive the mail. But when i telnet to on port 25 i get 'Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused' – Marks Jan 3 '11 at 15:12

Thanks for your help.

I found out that the inet_interfaces property in the file was set to only allow local connections.

Now it works.

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