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I would like to forward mail that gets sent root@localhost on multiple servers to our company admin account (e-mail is hosted on gmail)

I have installed ssmtp on centos 5.5 via yum and configured it. i've also changed the last line in /etc/aliases to reflect where mail to root should go to.

I've then tried sending mail to root - this gets delivered without a problem (mail -v root) I've also tried sending mail to root@localhost - this is not delivered to the specified gmail account.

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Unfortunately, ssmtp does not read ~/.forward. Here is a quote from the ssmtp manpage.

It does not do aliasing, which must be done either in the user agent or on the mailhub. Nor does it honor .forwards, which have to be done on the recieving host. It especially does not deliver to pipelines.

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This is a an old post. However, this may useful to some one else.

Based on this link

  • Ensure mailx is installed on your system ( try mailx -? )
  • Edit /etc/mail.rc like this:

    alias root root<>

Now, mails to root@localhost will be sent to You can add other addresses too, not just root.

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Have you configured and enabled From rewriting? locahost is not a valid domain.

See this post.

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