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I have some mounts under /mnt like other filesystems. If I make a mount --bind /mnt/raid /export/raid, everything that have a mount on /mnt/raid/ don't appear under /export/raid.

I know I can use nohide for nfs, or even follow symlinks on samba, but couldn't find any option for bind. Is there any option?

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You should use --rbind instead of --bind:

mount --bind olddir newdir After this call the same contents is accessible in two places.

This call attaches only (part of) a single filesystem, not possible submounts. The entire file hierarchy including submounts is attached a second place using mount --rbind olddir newdir

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If you have some other filesystem mounted in /mnt/raid/someotherfilesystem then you need

mount --rbind /mnt/raid /export/raid

in order to recursively bind all of the other mounted filesystems. --bind by itself "attaches only (part of) a single filesystem"

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