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I'm finally moving away from Apache and I've got the latest development version of nginx running on a fully updated Ubuntu 10.04 VPS. I've got a single dedicated IP for the box ( but I've got two separate domains pointing to the server: and

I would like to map the fallowing relationships between urls and document roots in the config: / -> /var/www/pub/ -> /var/www/dev/subdomain/ / -> /var/www/pub/ -> /var/www/dev/subdomain/

Where the name of the requested subdomain is a folder under /var/www/dev/. Ideally a request for a non-existent subdomain(no matching folder found) would result in a rewrite to the public site (eg: --> however a mere "404 Not Found" wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. It would also be nice if I didn't need to modify the config every time I mkdir a new subdomain folder - even better if I don't need to edit it for a new domain either...but now I'm getting greedy... :p Although in my defense Apache did all of this with a single directive.

Does anyone know how I can efficiently mimic this behavior in nginx?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Hanneman

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You can do the following. You can set the root based on the $host request.

location / {

root /usr/local/$host/www/;


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