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I'm trying to send a notification to the sender of a message when a message is send to exactly one address in the local domain (

Q1: How would be the syntax for the condition (the above don't work) ? :

    domains = +local_domains
    senders = ! ^.*-request@.*:\
            ! ^bounce-.*@.*:\
            ! ^.*-bounce@.*:\
            ! ^owner-.*@.*:\
            ! ^postmaster@.*:\
            ! ^webmaster@.*:\
            ! ^listmaster@.*:\
            ! ^mailer-daemon@.*:\
            ! ^root@.*:\
            ! ^noreply@.*

    condition = ${if eq {$received_for}{}}


Q2: How to write multiline string in the config file for "text" ? :

    subject=Your mail for
    text="Please resend your messasge to

This is a temporary modification."
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Q1: conditions operate on the strings "true"/"yes" or "no"/"false", so you have to make the end result of your expansions be one of those strings. Likewise, ${if doesn't return an absolute true or false, it evaluates the statement and then returns strings based on the truth of the statement (you left those strings off). Here're some example:

g3 0 /home/jj33 > exim -be
> ${if eq{string}{string}{true}{false}}
> ${if eq{string}{STRING}{true}{false}}
> ${if eqi{string}{STRING}{true}{false}}

It's important to note that the "true" and "false" strings are arbitrary, you ${if can return any value, but true and false are the most useful to you here. Anyhoo, based on the condition you list, I would change it to this:

condition = ${if eq {$received_for}{}{yes}{no}}

EDIT: I think newer versions of exim may not require the extra "if-true" and "if-false" parts, so I may be barking up the wrong tree here. I think that $received_for is probably actually not the variable you want, I doubt that it contains anything at the time you are running that router. Instead, try this:

condition = ${if eqi{$local_part@$domain}{}}

Q2: There are a few ways to solve this problem, but I like to use the ${expand: operator:

g3 0 /home/jj33 > exim -be
> ${expand:line1\nline2}

So, in your case, it would be:

text=${expand:Please resend your messasge to\n\\n\nThis is a temporary modification.}
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