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Sorry for the lame terminology - I'm no way a sysadmin... So here's the deal. I have two Linux boxes in the same network, let's refer to those boxes by their IPs, a.b.c.d and e.f.g.h. Each box runs some webapp, normally available like http://a.b.c.d/ and http://e.f.g.h/. What I want to accomplish is this: with some Apache web server (which by the way lives on both boxes) configuration voodoo, the first app would be available via http://a.b.c.d/whatever1/, and the 2nd app would be available as http://a.b.c.d/whatever2/ - but would still reside on another server (e.f.g.h). Long story short - is it at all possible to do this with Apache configuration magic and without touching the webapps and their configuration? If so - how? :) Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you want a reverse proxy. Update httpd.conf with the following:

ProxyRequests Off

ProxyPass /whatever2/ http://e.f.g.h/
ProxyPassReverse /whatever2/ http://e.f.g.h/

http://a.b.c.d/whatever2/ should now give you what you want.

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You could also take a look at nginx and use it instead of Apache as a reverse proxy. –  Goran Jurić Jan 4 '11 at 19:25

You can use httpd.conf with a redirect

Redirect /web-page.html http://www.new-domain.com/destination-web-page.html


.htaccess with redirects


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