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Is there any way that I can have windows 7 clients be able to go to "start" and type in the name of a file that is located on a network drive? I have read that this is possible through indexing, but to get through the indexing steps I need to make files available offline. This network drive I speak of has about 2tb of files on it. How in the heck can I keep all this straight. I imagine there would be syncing errors everywhere if I were to make all of these files available offline. Not to mention not all files being current due to the large amounts of files. Anyone have suggestions?

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You need to have Windows Search 4.0 installed on the network servers that you want your windows 7 Clients to be able to search.

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It would help if you could go into a lot more detail about the actual setup required on the server. I have search for documentation about this in the past and didn't find anything good. – Zoredache Jan 4 '11 at 22:05
Take a look at this Microsoft Technet article for how to setup Windows Search 4.0:…. – cmorse Jan 3 '12 at 15:06

You may be looking for this: Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Files on Microsoft Networks

This Protocol Handler indexes your shared network directories and FAT drive(s) allowing you to easily find your specific content. By downloading this Add-in, you will have the ability to search your shared network directories and FAT drive(s) via selection in your Windows Desktop Search Advanced Options.

Not available in x64 FYI.

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This worked for me, but still seemed like a pain to implement. If you have Windows 7 index the share then you can search it.

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