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What are some good books or resources for learning automate virtual PCs on Windows DataCenter? I want to be able to build VPCs with both automated installs and from images, preferably via powershell. I would like to be able to setup an IIS environment for automated testing, and configure end user installs of different versions of Windows. I am not interested in corpnet type scenarios (active directory, domains, etc) so much for now.

I'm comfortable with powershell and programming in general. I haven't yet installed Windows DataCenter, maybe once I install it will be clear enough. But looking for resources on how to managed virtual PCs programmatically I haven't found anything.

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Using Hyper-V or vSphere as the VM host platform? – mrdenny Jan 5 '11 at 6:11
I only have Hyper-V available. – fschwiet Jan 5 '11 at 7:03

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The "Virtual PC Guy's Blog" is a good start, he has covered scripting Hyper-V from PowerShell on multiple occasions:

share|improve this answer has a great community and a ton of resources (including ebooks). Start looking around on there for DSC specifically. Additionally, has some great articles on the subject.

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