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we have a single domain controller with Windows 2003 with few child. All the users are in the main DC.

We have already created a connection from AD to Mac Xserve 10.6 and can read all the users, but: 1. If the DC goes down (or the net), Mac lose all the users, so no file access, no emails, no nothing. 2. the users are in read only. Mac admin cannot reset password, change attribute and so on.

What we need is a stable environment where both AD admins and LDAP admins can manage the users; if one server goes offline the users of the other server should work (email, shared folders) just fine.

Thanks in advance

P.S. we already tried to connect the MacOSX to Windows LDAP, instead of AD, but we're unable to do it: MacOSX requires DNS IP (gotcha), user admin and password (ok) and a root LDAP password we're unable to find any reference of it in Windows 2003.

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I'm afraid the solution is called another apple open directory server and another windows domain controller. You can't have a Windows DC act as a secondary open directory controller. Of course you can virtualise the second windows DC as a VM on the second apple server to save capital outlay... –  RobM Jan 5 '11 at 8:59
Thanks for your answer, you mean a second Windows PDC or a second Windows BDC? It is fine to have the AD as main controller, but the Mac Admin can only "read" the users, it is not able to change any setting. –  FrancoR Jan 14 '11 at 8:04

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