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I leased a VPS which I want to use to sell shared hosting. 3 IPs - I call them A, B and C here for simplicity. Actual setup is:; and is used to set-up new accounts in shared environment
C=dedicated IP for (SSL secured)
The more I read about DNS, the more I get confused; thus my question:
Is this configuration "Good Practice", especially the hostname pointing to A rather than to C?
And what would be a better alternative?

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I asked a support specialist and got the following answer, which I would like to share:

The hostname should be always pointed to the main server IP address.

The main server IP address in the server is "A". You can verify it via WHM >> Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup.

The domain "" has SSL installed in it. For installing the SSL certificate you need to have a dedicated IP Address. Hence it is pointed to the IP address "C".

It is not necessary that the main domain is pointed to the main server IP address.

Thus my above mentioned setup is logic and complies with 'Good Practice'

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