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I am using ipsec-tools/racoon to create my VPN. I am using racoon-tool to configure racoon.conf but when I run racoon-tool reload it only generates the first section - Global items.

When I run racoon-tool I get:
# racoon-tool reload
Loading SAD and SPD...
SAD and SPD loaded.
Configuring racoon...done.

This is the entire file /var/lib/racoon/racoon.conf
# Racoon configuration for Samuel

# Generated on Wed Jan 5 21:31:49 2011 by racoon-tool

# Global items
path pre_shared_key "/etc/racoon/psk.txt";
path certificate "/etc/racoon/certs";
log debug;

I cannot find anywhere a solution as to why this is happening. Please help

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racoon-tool is not for creating the configuration, it's for controlling the racoon server/IPSEC from an existing configuration file. When the manpage says racoon-tool reload will "Regenerate configuration from /etc/racoon/racoon.conf, HUP racoon(8) and reinitialise the SPD and SAD." it means that it's loading the changes you've made to the configuration file, not that it's creating a new configuration file for you.

As for a utility to help you create a racoon.conf file... I've got nothing. KVpnc might help but it works as more of a client than a server and may just control racoon directly.

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I think that line you quote is a typo, I think it should read /etc/racoon/racoon-tool.conf. It also does generate a file in /var/lib/racoon called racoon.conf. I know this because each time I run racoon-tool reload the file has a new timestamp and the date inside the file changes. Additionally in the default settings for racoon it is set to use racoon-tool so it knows to look in /var/lib/racoon for its racoon.conf file. So I still don't understand why its not generating correctly. – robthewolf Jan 6 '11 at 9:12

Racoon is probably regenerating your conf every time it is restarted and eventually reads it from /var/lib/racoon/

To change this behaviour, on Ubuntu, modify your /etc/default/racoon to


(rather than CONFIG_MODE="racoon-tool" ).

Then, restart racoon.

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