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I want in call duration between operator and caller,play sound for operator(something like hold music).
But in order to play this sound, operator must dial unique code and then sound will be play for caller, and caller only hear that sound file!
After that (sound fully played), caller back to operator's queue or something like this.

So is this possible to do or not? (if possible, post dial-plan for this too)

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If I understand the question, you want the operator to be able to make a caller hear a sound for a set period of time before returning to the operator?

If so, the FreePBX interface for Asterisk has a 'parking lot' feature that can be programmed to park a call (caller hears hold music) for a set period of time and if the call is not manually unparked you can make it automatically return to the operator (or elsewhere). This may do what you want.

You may also be able to program this feature manually or through your Asterisk admin front end of choice but I have only set it up through FreePBX.

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