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When I start my Ubuntu system it attempts two DNS lookups. One to find out what my internet-routers external ip is. And one to find the IP of my PSTN-SIP-provider.

Both fails.

[Apr  7 22:14:54] WARNING[1675] chan_sip.c: Invalid address for externhost keyword:   
[Apr  7 22:14:54] WARNING[1675] acl.c: Unable to lookup ''

And since the DNS fails it cannot register properly a cannot make outgoing or incoming calls.

If I later, after bootup, restart asterisk everything works excelent.

Any idea how I should setup things so that either:

  1. Delay Asterisk startup so that DNS is up and healthy first.

  2. Somehow get Asterisk to re-try the DNS thing later.

Regards Leif

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Do you have static IP or DHCP? – Jimmy Hedman Apr 11 '10 at 4:38
The external IP of my system is DHCP. – leiflundgren Jul 17 '10 at 8:10
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I managed to solve it by changing the start-order in /etc/rc*.d to get the DNS to start before asterisk.
However, following system updates had the tendency to push back the original start order. (At least I think so. I fixed it, it worked for a week, then stopped again.)

Since I upgraded the system to Ubuntu 10.04 it just works.

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