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I am running a wsgi based application that has concurrent users accessing it. For my logs needs I tried logrotate but found that logrotate is not too friendly to Python applications, so I tried using RotatingFileHandler and even worse found my logs all chopped up and part of it went missing!

I am considering ConcurrentRotatingFileHandler, my question is, has anyone out there experienced the same thing and better yet do you have any battle tested solution for Python wsgi, concurrently accessed applications?

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What was the problem with logrotate ? You may have a look at chronolog. It's mostly for web logs.

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if you use a newer version of python the logging module has support to rotate logs.

# Add the log message handler to the logger
handler = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(
          LOG_FILENAME, maxBytes=20, backupCount=5)

look at

i assume you use a built in web server as CherryPy.

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Thanks for the answer, I used it initially but I found my logs all butchered up and could not make head or tails of the logs. I used the usual settings of 'a' and 2 for logs. – Low Kian Seong Jan 9 '11 at 5:23

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