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Does the protection that they offer work, in that the user's details are hidden? Would appreciate if you could post an example of a protected domain name. Thank you.

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Hi, I managed to find a godaddy domain name that is protected. Here it is: – n_kips Jan 19 '11 at 0:39

Here's an example of a Domains By Proxy registration ala GoDaddy at DomainTools:

Registrant:    Domains by Proxy, Inc.    15111 N. Hayden
Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353    Scottsdale,
Arizona 85260    United States

(for my registration of

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It works to keep WHOIS users out. But if law enforcement or a court wants to find you they can order your registrar to disclose your details. Here is a sample output:

Administrative Contact:
Domain Discreet
ATTN: (removed).com
Rua Dr. Brito Camara, n 20, 1
Funchal, Madeira 9000-039
Phone: 1-902-7495331
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If you are directly allowed to manage your domain by godaddy then there must be an option to hide this information...

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