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I am attempting to use my server to be a DNS server. I am having trouble getting the domain setup. Here is what I have so far:

/var/lib/named/master/ $TTL 2d @ IN SOA ( 2011011000 ; serial 0 ; refresh 0 ; retry 0 ; expiry 0 ) ; minimum IN NS IN SOA ( IN NS IN A IN A

/etc/resolve.conf: search nameserver

/etc/named.conf: options { # The directory statement defines the name server's working directory directory "/var/lib/named";

    dump-file "/var/log/named_dump.db";
    statistics-file "/var/log/named.stats";

    listen-on port 53 {; };

    listen-on-v6 { any; };

    notify no;

    disable-empty-zone "";
    include "/etc/named.d/forwarders.conf";


zone "." in { type hint; file "root.hint"; };

zone "localhost" in { type master; file ""; };

zone "" in { type master; file ""; };

Include the meta include file generated by createNamedConfInclude. This

includes all files as configured in NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES from


include "/etc/named.conf.include"; zone "" in { file "master/"; type master; allow-transfer { any; }; }; logging { category default { log_syslog; }; channel log_syslog { syslog; }; };

What I am doing wrong?

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I notice that you have '/etc/resolve.conf' - this is normally '/etc/resolv.conf'

  • What happens to make you conclude that you are doing something wrong?
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