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I've just set up a new Debian web server which I have done plenty of times before, but I want to add a mail server which I have never done before.

I am aware of this question, but I would like someone to recommend packages and briefly explain how to use them for providing pop/imap access on multiple domains, a concept that has confused me for a while.

I'm planning for this server to grow slowly but surely, from serving an initial 5 or 6 domains to about 20 in the first year, continuing at this rate. (yes, I've jumped on the cloud bandwaggon).

At the moment, I have a DNS-A record pointing to my server's IP and nothing else. I'm assuming that I need a DNS-MX record pointing there too, but I haven't read up about it yet so today that's what I'll be doing. Hopefully reading up on the subject and the help that I get here will get my server up and running in no time.


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It's a well-documented solution, which is extendable. Discussion about it on the mailing list and directly on the howto pages.

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Great tutorial. It does go very deep for newbies, but if you stick at it, it gets everything covered! – Greg Jan 12 '11 at 9:24
Right, my mailserver setup is based on that howto since Debian Woody. Just in case, look at my howtos ( some of them are based around this solution. – weeheavy Jan 12 '11 at 9:27

I'd recommend virtual mailboxes on postfix with setup described here:

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