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I have recently setup a web server with webmin, virtualmin and usermin on CentOS to host some websites and email, however I am unable to access usermin. I can access webmin from www.foobar.com:10000 but I can't access usermin from www.foobar.com:20000

This thread seems to have dealt within the same issue, however when I tried the command "telnet localhost 20000" it came back with a connection refused message. Any idea how to get this running.

I'll let you know in advance that I am a linux newbie and this is a large learning experience, so don't rule out anything if you are thinking "oh, but he wouldn't be dumb enough to forget that" or the like

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This has been solved. I reinstalled usermin, and the message that came up was to access it at server.foobar.com:20000, and that works –  Lobe Jan 13 '11 at 4:21
Post that as an answer, and accept it. –  Josh Jan 14 '11 at 13:48

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Is port 20000 open?

netstat is a good tool to check if there is actually a service listening there in the first place. Have you restarted webmin since installing usermin?

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I have restarted webmin, no luck. I also looked around with netstat and couldn't see a service listening on 20000. –  Lobe Jan 11 '11 at 11:59
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I solved this issue by just wiping the server and reinstalling the webmin/virtualmin/usermin software through the install.sh script they supply. Everything now seems to work perfectly

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