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I'm trying to run a wireless network from my computer so that people in range can connect to the network and hit a website running off my machine. I don't want to enable file sharing or remote access or anything else of that nature. I just want them to be able to connect to the network, type in an IP or domain name in a browser, and be taken to a locally hosted website. No broader internet access needed. Any ideas / links to good tutorials on the subject? Is this something i can achieve with just a wifi card or will need a router?

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What you have just described is an "ad-hoc" wireless network. Assuming your OS and wireless adaptor's drivers support this you can create an ad-hoc network without needing a wireless access point or other router. When other machines connect to the network they should be able to see your machine if it has a fixed address.

This page has notes for Windows XP, which should be easy to translate for other Windows variants.

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