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I am using screen with irssi, ssh to some servers. At the moment I have 4 windows "open" in my screen.

Two of those windows is "dead". I can't write something in those, for example.

How do I "exit" a screen window?

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ctrl-A K will kill an unresponsive screen window. That's assuming of course you've not remapped your screen command key from the default ctrl-A.

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Worked, thanks! :) –  Erik Jan 11 '11 at 22:22

I noticed that some Windows users have a habit to press Ctrl-S from time to time (usually meaning to save something in other applications), but in putty+screen it blocks the window. To unblock such window one need to press Ctrl-Q. Check if it's not your case. Killing "dead window" is always my last try.

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My problem is that I fumble S when I go for ctrl-A, and end up having to hit all sorts of wacky combinations of ctrl-q, ctrl-a q, ctrl-a ctrl-q before I get a response again. –  DerfK Jan 12 '11 at 2:49

You can also delete the file /var/run/screen/[screen_number]

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