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I created and published a Public Key using gpg.

I am now creating a TrueCrypt volume and wish to use the same password. Does knowing my public key, in this instance, make my TrueCrypt volume become any less secure?

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I'm not expert, but I don't think there is any risk involved. Your gpg password is used to unlock your private key only. Your public should not contain any elements that can lead to your password.

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Ditto what Jeroen said. There's no technical issue here. The public key is a public document and there's no way anyone can derive from it the passphrase for your private key.

I will insert the usual warning here about using the same passphrase for more than one system, however. I wouldn't say it was a huge consideration here, since you're likely to keep both of the above passphrases very strong and safe; but if you're also using the same one for gmail/twitter/gawker/facebook etc., then your encryption is as weak as the weakest point in all of their collective password security systems.

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