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I am looking for Rancid scripts for my Brocade 5100s. Does anyone have a secret stash they would be willing to share? :D

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woohoo! Tumbleweed! –  JakeRobinson Jan 19 '11 at 17:46

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I use the scripts from here, with a little change for getting the whole config http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rancid/users/5454

In brocaderancid

@commandtable = (
    {'chassisShow'  => 'ChassisShow'},
    {'firmwareShow' => 'FirmwareShow'},
  {'version'            => 'FirmwareShow'},
    #{'fosConfig --show'        => 'Fosconfig'},
    {'ipAddrShow'       => 'IpAddrShow'},
  {'licenseShow'    => 'LicenseShow'},
    {'domainsShow'  => 'DomainsShow'},
    {'configupload -force -l config.txt'    => 'ConfigUploadlocal'},
    {'configshow -l config.txt'     => 'ConfigShow'}
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