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My root user send emails with ssmtp. However I can't change "From: root ..." root name. Is there any way to send email with another name without using another user?


echo 'From: "New name" ' | ssmtp -v

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You can set up a reverse alias in /etc/ssmtp/revaliases


it's hidden at the bottom of the man page.

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Add the following in Your /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf file and You will capable to set any name and email during runtime :

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I suggest you switch from ssmtp to msmtp since ssmtp is not actively developed any more. msmtp provides all the same features as ssmtp plus more. In particular, with msmtp you can set the from setting to control who the mail appears to be sent from.

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Looks like FromLineOverride=YES doesn't work anymore.

I guess GMAIL is not allowing this now. But I am not sure.

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Try option -Ffull_name, ex:

ssmtp -F"Look at me" 

i'll change full name.
there is also -f for changing sender email, ex:

ssmtp -f"helper@world" -F"SuperHero"
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