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I have a user logon script. I want to install printers based on hostname. Inside this folder \domain.local\SYSVOL\domain.local\Policies{DF3F608C-8D78-934F-B79F-1965F3C4409B}\User\Scripts\Logon

I have cmd files for each host/workstation and the logon.cmd.

Terminal Servers are honoring the environment variable %clientname% but the workstations are not.

Relevant area of logon.cmd

rem Delete all existing printer connections
c:\windows\system32\con2prt.exe /f

rem Call workstation specific script for connecting to printers

Excerpt from clientname.cmdL:

rundll32 printui,PrintUIEntry /in /n\\fileserv\PhaserPS
rundll32 printui,PrintUIEntry /in  /n\\fileserv\CanonIR
rundll32 printui,PrintUIEntry /y  /n\\fileserv\CanonIR
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The variable %CLIENTNAME% doesn't exist unless you have connected to a computer through RDP. You should probably be calling %COMPUTERNAME% instead.

You could specify a different script for the terminal server that uses %CLIENTNAME%. Or you can write a conditional in your script that will use %CLIENTNAME% if it is present, and if it isn't then try %COMPUTERNAME%.

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Yes %COMPUTERNAME% is what I was missing. Thanks. – Malocchio Jan 17 '11 at 22:57

Zoredache has it right. As an aside, if you're looking to check if a variable is empty, you can do the following:

if not "%CLIENTNAME%"=="" echo all your code goes here

If you leave out the quotes, the batch interpret will just see "if not == echo all your..." and throw an error.

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