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I want/need to start monitoring our network a bit better. Its an odd network in that it comprises 2 /22 public IPs and a slew of private admin IPs. I do have one point in the network where it all comes together and I can turn on port mirroring on the catalyst. From that port, I'd like to turn up a box running various utilities. Snort is high on my list but it'd be nice to also get some networking statistics with something like Netflow.

So, what are peoeple's thoughts. I can turn up a box needed for this with a bit of ease. We have the hardware available. What should I run? I'd love to know what kind of nasty things are potentially going on but I'd also like to see statistics on what people are doing on the network so I can better tweak our systems to handle it better and improve performance.

I'm open so please, give me some ideas to go along with what I've got.

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That is the perfect spot to do some sniffing. If you're willing to put in the time to tune snort so it is useful (it isn't out of the box, w-a-a-a-y too noisy) it can be both educational AND useful! A double win.

I'm fuzzy on the details but we're pulling net-flow data out of our Cisco gear and aggregating them on a specific box for analysis. It isn't the same box we're running our IPS on, but it's very close to it network-wise. Flow-data is also very useful, and not just for finding the people up/downloading .iso files.

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You might also want to take a look at this:, capture and store network traffic, you can then replay and dissect it at your leisure. Assuming your network links aren't to large you can easily buffer a day or two of traffic and have something to examine should you discover an attack.

But start with Snort and tune it until the noise goes away for sure!

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