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Where can I find local dedicated hosting space for my own hardware?

I know I can rent dedicated hosting from various companies online, but usually I think that means I'm renting their hardware too. I just need a space with a network connection and a power outlet. That's it. How much would this cost? What would I search for? Is it available easily? Or would it only be the sort of thing huge companies would do? I'm in the greater NYC area.

It's for a project I'm working on, but the thing's loud and annoying. I'd be willing to pay a little to get it out of sight and out of mind. I don't even care too much about the quality of the network connection. I'd rather not rent other people's hardware cause it probably would cost a fortune to rent a machine like this (tons of ram).

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What you are looking for is a Colocation facility. They are all over the place, I would just search google for one near you. Most facilities rent as little as 1/8 of a rack.

The price is going to vary depending on how much space you rent, as well as what additional services you need.

Missed that you where looking in the NYC area. We use Peer 1's Colocation facilities in the Financial district for the SO Servers

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It's called colocation, search for that.

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Since you asked for a specific recommendation around NYC, I've used Xand in Hawthorne, NY in the past. It's a little bit of a hike from NYC, but you can take the Metro North to the Hawthorne station (just past White Plains) and then a cab to their facility. The trip is less than an hour from Grand Central. They are very friendly and helpful and had very good prices when I was working with them (around 2006).

The company I worked for at the time rented two cabinets at Xand and we filled them with our own equipment. That included redundant power and a dedicated T3 for our disaster recovery backup. No problems at all.

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  1. Equinix has multiple facilities in the greater NYC area:
  2. As does Internap:
  3. I think Speakeasy does as well.

I have personal experience with 1 & 2 and a colleague once used Speakeasy.

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