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I'm quite confused by the at command, I am not even sure if something IS happening as I don't get feedback if a task has been added or not.

Is there anywhere I can check added tasks?

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Have you tried typing "at" without any parameters? – John Gardeniers Jan 16 '11 at 23:48
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make sure the "Task Scheduler" service is started.

type AT from the command line to get a list of scheduled tasks.

If you are running batch files, add a line that will print a date and time into a file.

echo start my batch >> c:\confirmbatch.txt
date >> c:\confirmbatch.txt
time >> c:\confirmbatch.txt

all your other commands

echo >> c:\confirmbatch.txt
echo end of my batch >> c:\confirmbatch.txt
date >> c:\confirmbatch.txt
time >> c:\confirmbatch.txt

you canput additional echo comments to capture failures along the way. If you're running and other scripting language, you can and should add these types of captures.

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If you just enter at without any parameters, it will show scheduled tasks.

Also, normally you should get a hint "Added a new job with job ID = x".

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