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I am setting up a master image to clone to all same machine type Windows 7 client, I login as administrastor and installed all the programs and changed the desktop settings etc, but my local administrator profile is 244megs in size, which will become the default profile of the local machine when sysprep, we have a 2003 server that I want to use mandatory profile for all login users which means I need to copy this profile to the server so when any users login to the domain they are using this profile, loading a 244megs profile is going to be very slow since it will be removed from the client when they logoff. So next time they login it will take a long time again. Is there anything I can do, can I just copy just the bare minimum files from the default profile to the server, as I am not sure what parts I need, I read that I must copy my documents, my documents/pictures so the folder redirection will work. What else do I need to copy to the server? I have firefox xmark sync also and MS words etc. THanks

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Why not create a "standard" (non-administrator) user profile and use that as the default? –  joeqwerty Jan 17 '11 at 21:36
Because the MS guide said you have to use the administrator account to install all the software and setup your desktop etc. Sysprep will copy the profile from the administrator account to the default account and delete the administrator profile afterwards. My admnistrator account is 400megs after installing eveything. Windows 7 won't let you copy account profile to the default profile since the copy to button is greyed out. –  user63434 Jan 19 '11 at 14:32

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