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My goal is to allow people to upload and download large files through their web browser with a simple user interface and user password/account management. Yousendit offers a service like what I am looking for, but it does not make sense to use their service if I already have a web server.

Is there an open source version of Yousendit that I can run on my own web server?

What is this type of software or service called? (calling it an FTP Server does not seem to fit)

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there are some opensource projects, but none of them is in stable production stages yet. So you have two choices really:
1. WebDAV
2. FTP/SFTP (I'd suggest the latter, since it's more secure and customizable)

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You could try OpenUpload, running on PHP: It allows you to set permissions, accounts, captchas... Basically it's an opensource rapidshare clone.

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Have a look at ZendTo. It should be capable of what you need.

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After more than a few hours researching this category, I think I'm in love. For ease of use, flexibility, support (apparently) and price, CrushFTP looks tough to beat. Check out the live demo, watch a video or two, and see if you agree.

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I think AjaXplorer will fulfill your needs. you no need to setup anything specially for this. Just copy paste.

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