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I currently run a server at home consisting of

  • SQL Server 2008
  • .net Framework 2010
  • VPN Connection
  • Web Services

running around 5-6 applications supporting a financial trading system that i regularly use. THe only user is me. Recently the requirement to have these applications running in a 24/7 100% uptime (or 99%) environment has become important. No longer can I both meet this requirement and host my server at home on my network - so i am looking to move to a dedicated hosting company.

After some research, the only real companies I can find offering such services are geared towards company web-space hosting. I don't need 1TB+ bandwidth, what i need is CPU, Memory and as much control over the environment as possible.

Does anyone have any examples of such a service?

Thanks in advance.

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Buy a server. Put it in a hosting center. This is called colocation.

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