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I purchased a DELL R710 Server, and it consistently produces memory error warnings:

"Normal","Tue Jan 18 2011 03:46:33","System Board SEL: Event Log sensor for System Board, log cleared was asserted"

"Warning","Tue Jan 18 2011 23:43:01","Mem ECC Warning: Memory sensor, transition to non-critical from OK ( DIMM_B4 ) was asserted"

"Critical","Tue Jan 18 2011 23:43:02","Mem ECC Warning: Memory sensor, transition to critical from less severe ( DIMM_B4 ) was asserted"

I've reseated the DIMM's and event exchanged a whole server (i.e., got a whole new one, with new DIMMs), and the errors still occur.

The DIMMs are Hynix, which are not factory default Dell DIMMs, so I suspect them. Any advice/pointers would be much appreciated.

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If you've replaced the entire server from Dell, then it has to be your RAM - that's the only variable you haven't eliminated.

I'm surprised Dell issued you an RMA without forcing you to change the RAM in the first place.

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I found this post on Dell's site:… There is a BIOS update that sounds like it's designed to solve this problem we're having (see the "Important Information" section):… – Jason Jan 19 '11 at 15:50

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