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I own a rackspace cloud server which worked fine. I used WinSCP and Putty to connect to it and manage it. Then I re-sized the instance adding some more memory. Now whenever I try connecting to it through putty it accepts the username but even for the correct password it returns "Access Denied".

There is nothing wrong with my putty settings because I can connect to my other Raskspace Cloud servers. Its not working only for this instance.

I restarted ssh several times, regenerated the keys, reinstalled ssh and openssh-server and so one bu no avail.

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@lynxman is right — please contact Rackspace Cloud Support via Live Chat or by calling 1-877-934-0407. You can also contact me via email: robot AT rackspace DOT com. ~ Robert Taylor, Sr Sys Engineer, Rackspace Hosting. – rjamestaylor Jan 19 '11 at 15:03

This looks like a corrupted file on your server, possibly as a product of this server resize, if I were you I would contact Rackspace support and ask them to have a look.

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I ran the following commands

sudo apt-get remove ssh
sudo apt-get remove openssh-server

rm -rf /etc/ssh 
mkdir /etc/ssh
sudo apt-get install ssh openssh-server

And bingo it worked.

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So looks like I was right, happy to see it worked :) – lynxman Jan 20 '11 at 8:34

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