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i tried:

apt-cache policy php5-dev

and got

Candidate: 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.7

How can i get the latest stable version (5.35) using apt, i understand i need to add a repository to my sources but how do i find one?

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You could add the Dotdeb repository, which has PHP 5.3.5 packaged. Here is how.

I just noticed you use Ubuntu. Those repositories are designed for Debian but many users report success using them with Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu as debian stores all packages into a pool, so you can just search for php in the ubuntu packages, right now for natty you have 5.3.3 (

Another way would be to build your own deb package, you can start doing so by downloading the packages you see on the natty release and play with dpkg-buildpackage

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