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I've just configured exim4 using 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config', and it works as expected but there are several things i want to add to the standard configuration:

  1. exim should allow incoming mail but only process outgoing mail for local requests
    (like sendmail or local connections).
  2. i would like to forward some messages but i dont really get it with the router settings.
    if i have a list like this: : : www-data
    * :

    how can i get exim to process it?
    do and go to dc_other_hostnames or dc_relayhosts?
  3. bevore delevering an email exim should boune it once and deliver it on the second attempt - if thats possible with exim.

Thanks in advance for any tip!

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Took me some time but i found a solution:

  1. exim comes secured out of the box
  2. found my aswer here: Multiple Domain Alias Files and, go to dc_relayhosts
  3. exim doesent have that feature but there is a debian package called greylistd which does exactly what i wanted, found a guide to it but i cant post it because i dont have 10 reputation... google for 'exim4-clamav-spamassassin-greylistd-debian-etch-mini-howto'
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