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We have server 2003, AD domain. Our clients XP, and W7 with IE7 IE8 browsers.

We use two types of internet. Use the internet inside the company network, and use mobile-net at home, with the same machines. (typically laptops, pda..) is possible to prevent download some content when user inside in the company network?

- when borwsing a site, prevent to download images, flash animations, videos..etc
- prevent this content control with some URL exception
- allow full browsing when user is outside the company...

Thank you folks...

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You're looking to implement a web proxy in your company. Typically you'd install some sort of web proxy softwate and disallow internet access without going through that proxy. A good proxy software can remove certain elements based on many factors, support per-source or per-user exceptions, etc.

Some information here on what a Proxy is/does:

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