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I am working on technologies like drupal & solr.I have installed all required modules.but i need to know that how to crawl data from drupal.& how to form connector between drupal & solr.

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You have mentioned you've installed the required modules but ensure you've done the specifics required in the Apache Solr readme:

  • Get the Solr PHP client (around line 30 in the readme)
  • Move schema.xml and solrconfig.xml from the drupal module directory to the relevant conf directory within your Solr install (around line 80)
  • Browse to /admin/settings/apachesolr/settings and configure the solr host/port/path
  • Check at /admin/settings/apachesolr/index and you should see items being indexed after cron runs
  • There are then various options to filter content types, ignore or give weighting to specific content types etc
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