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i have the script as

5..12 | foreach-object { import-csv "\\servername\staffdata\IT\Login Accounts\2011\AD\Year$_.csv" } | ForEach-Object { Enable-Mailbox $ -Database "Student Mailbox Store" }

and i have a csv named Year5_2.csv in the correct folder. I am getting the following error

Import-Csv : Cannot open file "\servername\staffdata\IT\Login Accounts\2011\AD\Year5.csv". At line:1 char:36

Any suggestions please

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disregard i was using the wrong file. – JohnyV Jan 21 '11 at 7:19

If the file name is Year5_2.csv than you should use syntax similar to: Import-Csv "\servername\staffdata\IT\Login Accounts\2011\AD\Year$_`_2.csv"

$_ = 5..12 if 2 is also variable than you need to tweak it a bit. HTH Bartek

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