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I'm wondering how to convert a .exe to msi package and then deploy it in GPO.

We running a Windows 2003 Server and the clients are Windows XP. I have downloaded a program called Advanced Installer and managed to create a msi package containing the msn .exe, but when running the msi all that it really did was to unpack the msn .exe to c:\program files.

I want to convert the msn .exe to msi and, using GPO, deploy it with msiexec silently. So upon next reboot of clients, or gpupdate /force, the msn msi is deployed automatically on the clients.

I have no previous experience, am i in the right track or is there another way to do this?

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Simply wrapping an .EXE in an .MSI will not magically make it deployable. You will probably need to extract the .EXE, or at least understand what it is doing as part of its install process. There maybe silent install options for your application already. These would be a good starting point. – jscott Jan 21 '11 at 11:14

Maybe familiarize yourself with some of the tools mentioned in this article, even though it's dated WinInstall is probably still considered the top free packaging software. Before Application Virtualization became more popular, I used Wise Admin Studio extensively but that is a pricey, enterprise level product. So grab one of the free utilities and you can "capture" what the installation (the install exe) does and package that as an MSI and go from there.

Click here for a how-to on WinInstall

One last thing, using GPO Software Installation feature only works during a reboot, running a manual gpupdate (even with a /force) will only queue it up to get installed on the next reboot.

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I'd recommend that you check for informations on how to silently deploy your software. Most of the time you'll find here informations on how to extract an MSI from a .exe installer if it is supported by the installer.

For instance, with the msn example :

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Use to push out .exe installs. The FusionInventory server can even be on the public internet.

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