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I want to host my images on Amazon S3. So I created a bucket by the name and added a CNAME entry with the record host as and a record answer as

There is a file in the bucket named image.jpg, under a folder named images. which I can access at I cant access the same from

I also changed the record answer to, but that also doesnt work. What am I missing?


EDIT, AFTER THE ANSWER: Just read these pages:

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Point your CNAME at, the full name you want it to be an alias for. (Think 'CNAME == symlink'.)

Your first try just points to, which isn't what you want, and the second makes no sense, since slashes aren't valid in domain names (and also you have the parts backwards).

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yeah, i just saw a few pages, that said the same. thanks for the answer :) – theTuxRacer Jan 21 '11 at 10:55

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